Sunday, October 29, 2006

Finally journaling again

I started the background for this page on the 26th, exactly one month since I worked in my journal. I think this is the longest I have gone without doing a page since I started this type of journaling. It took me two more days to finish the page, but then I guess I broke the dam because I did three other spreads. I'm going to try the one page a day in November self-challenge. I've done it and been pretty successful for the past two years.

I wanted to go up to my art table which is in utter chaos and put all the bits and pieces I've saved over the past journal-less month to work, but it was so sunny and pretty I opted to go outside and sketch instead. I was glad I did. The sketch won't win any awards, but listening to the gurgle of the creek and focusing while sketching sure were relaxing.

We went to town and shopping after I did my sketching by the creek and I did some more sketching both on the way to town and sitting in front of the farm supply. They put up nice fall displays at each of their store's pillars. We also had a good Chinese dinner. I came home and put this page together and the one that follows. I had got a nice pair of shape scissors at a going-out-of business sale. I have a ton of cheap ones, but I really like this pair as they are longer and lots sharper.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Little Books

Inspired by some little books that I've seen on Flickr, I decided to commit at least in my journal to starting a series. I'm planning to start a baggie for each color and add to it until I get enough papers gathered to start that particular book. I want to find a container before I start the books, so that they will fit exactly in the box.