Saturday, November 29, 2008

I finally got my journal out this morningafter a two month hiatus. The fruit stickers on my window sill were thecatalyst. I was starting to put them on the horizontal surface. I figured I would have a two page spread, but it wasn't quite full. I found one on my monitor and lots more that my daughter-in-law had saved for me on baggies. They filled the pages nicely. It feels good to be journaling again.

It was so nice to wake up this morning with the whole house relatively clean, lots of leftovers and nowhere to go. I could get used to retirement I think.

Last week there was a sale on Tiny Betsy dolls by Tonner. I've been wanting one since they first came out, but could never make up my mind which one. I liked this one which was dressed in a Mondrian dress, because I thought she looked like me in first grade, but I wouldn't pay what they were wanting for her. Well, at half price it didn't take long to have my order in. Isn't she a cutie?