Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Motivated to Work on White Book

I was so irritated that I forgot the camera at school and we had all this beautiful snow. I guess I really do need to get busy and decide what kind of camera I want to buy. I've been supposed to buy one for three years now.

Finding this picture of snow in Arkansas in a magazine helped a bit and it got me busy working in my White Book. I got on a roll Monday and made five spreads. I also cleaned out a bunch of magazines. I've posted most of the new spreads on my White Book blog. There are 51 spreads in the book now! It's really filling up nicely. There are three left to scan because my scanner is behaving badly. It will do one scan (maybe) and then crashes the program and sometimes the computer on the next one. Gotta love technology.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Heart sketches for postcards

I spent an evening at Hastings looking at books and magazines. I didn't take my journal, so I sketched out an idea for some postcards I planned to make on a piece of paper and put it in the journal when I got home. I made an extra heart for the journal page when I made the postcards. I also collaged the right page like I did the postcards, but then I wound up writing all over it. Not a very successful outcome.

One of my favorite of the swap cards. The others can be seen on my postcard blog along with Postcrossing cards that I've been sending and many that I've been getting in return.

Red sketch

I started out doodling and wound up sketching my foot and surroundings. Too bad I wasn't holding a black pen at the time.

I've been doing pages in a black, white and red altered book. The color scheme leaked over into my journal.

Not in the Mood to Embellish

I like making grid pages. The flowers on this page are some more little erasers from Dollar General. This time there were three different sizes in the package. When I started out to embellish the right page, I wasn't in the mood. Obviously after a few swirls, I got into it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Paper doll

Inspired by these postcardsby Annika Sandin, I grabbed my scissors and came up with this lady.

Working on the Dutch ad paper background was a bit of a challenge. My water-soluable crayons prooved themselves again. All of the small images were on the ad paper and I colored around them giving everything a good smear. I like the bits of Dutch writing that still show.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Grocery list and waiting room chair

On Sunday I browsed through Sabrina Ward Harrison's Spilling Open and was reminded how much I like some of her handwriting styles. I had just a few minutes before leaving for church and I was needing to write a grocery list, so I decided to try out her style. Somehow I got so engrossed in the letter forms that I mixed up red and black.

On Monday I went to the doctor to get my cholesterol checked. It took longer than I was expecting, so out came my pen and the only paper I could find a Wal-mart receipt and I sketched the chair across from me. Ten minutes of impatience was turned into ten minutes of enjoyable sketching. I must remember to put some more paper into my purse.

I'm still getting lots of mileage from my bill envelopes. The 25 and the grid paper behind the chair are from one of my favorites.

The righ-hand page was done on an advertising circular from the Netherlands. I sewed several pages of it into this journal.