Sunday, November 28, 2004

We had our family Thanksgiving celebration yesterday. Right before people were due to show up, in between the final cleaning and the last minute cooking, I got the idea to paint a page of squares and ask everyone to decorate a section. I hurried upstairs and painted a quick background and grabbed some gel pens and some Zig pens. Then I came back down and finished the meal. After dinner, my 7-year-old niece spotted my new journal and said she didn't think she had seen this one before. I told her to look at it and mentioned my idea for the project. She immediately sat down to do her square. Then she asked, "Do you think everyone will do a square?" I told her that I bet if she asked them to they would. Well she did a wonderful job taking the journal from person to person and watching and discussing as they filled their section. I was busy being hostess, but overheard tidbits of the conversations. I heard everything from, "I'm not very creative." to "What does a goat look like anyway?" My favorite line came from my 4-year-old niece. She was busy playing and ran into the kitchen and did a few quick lines and came back to the toys. Her sister and mom were trying to get her to do some more to her square, and I said, "I really want you to do a square." She jumped up and headed back to the kitchen. I heard, "Why are you drawing a square?" Her answer, "Because Aunt Dawn really wants me to." My 15-month-old granddaughter is just learning that pens make marks. I helped her hold the pen and she made her marks. I love all the drawings from My granddaughter's marks to my niece's square, to my youngest son's stinky cheese and flies buzzing to my eldest's fisherman self-portrait and everything in between. I cheated and drew my contribution in the quiet relaxation after everyone had headed home. After putting everyone else on the spot, I couldn't think of a thing to add and wound up copying the Van Gogh Sunflower print that hangs on our wall. This will be a treasured part of my journal and I'm already wondering if I can get everyone to do it again for Christmas. Posted by Hello


Julie said...

I love this idea...I only wish I would have known about it, I would have liked to try this for thanksgiving too. The only drawing from Thanksgiving in my journal is my husband sleeping on the couch. None of the family and friends we had here. I would've loved to have them contribute to a page in my journal...Now maybe in the future I can do something like this at parties or family celebrations. Thanks for the idea!

Patty said...

hi dawn
i like the colors in this...
i've only done one altered book it was fun, but nothing as good as yours!!
patty (a.k.a. blarneybytes)