Saturday, September 17, 2005

This is my first spread in Maya'sjournal. She is working in the journal I made last month. One of her pages was an "about me" page. I thought that was a great idea, so I made one too. The bits and pieces that I added don't really have much to do with me except for the tiny photo of me when I was four. I thought later that it would have been a good idea to put things that related to my life in some way. I guess these are things that I picked out that appeal to me, so in that way they do relate to my life. I enjoyed painting on the pages of Maya's journal. The paper is more absorbant than the Mead composition books that I normally use. Quite a different experience. Posted by Picasa


Julie said...

Did Maya make the journal you are working in? Or did she buy it. I was just wondering if it was anything like the one you made.

Dawn said...

Maya's journal came from The cover is a beautiful suedelike fabric in brown. I thought it was suede until I looked at the website. They don't have the brown one on the site, but there are some great looking other colors.

Swan said...

Are you sure you got the URL right? Or have they already closed their store? It doesn't seem to work any more now three months later.

Dawn said...

Swan, I'm not sure why the link didn't work for you. Maybe they were off line. It seems to be working now. Here is a clickable one. Carta_home

It was neat coming back to this page just now. This is the spread I used for the background of my blog. I hadn't seen the post on the background.