Saturday, November 12, 2005

I've been knitting this week. I showed my daughter-in-law how last weekend and I guess having the needles in my hands inspired me. I went right out the next day and bought some Red Heard Light & Lofty yarn. I loved the color and texture, but at first I didn't like knitting with it. I've never knitted with anything larger than worsted weight yarn, usually something much finer since I mostly have made doll clothes. The size 15 needles seemed huge too. I took the scarf to work on during gate duty at the basketball game last night. I nearly finished it and it feels wonderful. Once I had knit several rows the knitting went much more smoothly. I made the hat this morning. I didn't use a pattern and it came out too short. I had planned to use a border of the Light & Lofty and do the rest in some knitting worsted that I found that just matches it. I decided to add three rows of single crochet around the bottom to make it fit better. It's kind of lumpy when it's not being worn, but I like the way it looks on.

The photo is one I took in the bathroom mirror because nobody was home to take one for me.  Posted by Picasa


Elizabeth said...

You inspired me to buy some chunky wool and needles this week and I had knitted a hat (with ear flaps) for my daughter (11) before she came home from school. Now she's knitting too.

Dawn said...

Oh yeah! Thanks for sharing this with me.

Kathleen Marie said...

Such a great hat and scarf set. And no pattern too! You are talented. The photo looks full of mystery--a very artistic image you make! Very pretty.