Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Motivated to Work on White Book

I was so irritated that I forgot the camera at school and we had all this beautiful snow. I guess I really do need to get busy and decide what kind of camera I want to buy. I've been supposed to buy one for three years now.

Finding this picture of snow in Arkansas in a magazine helped a bit and it got me busy working in my White Book. I got on a roll Monday and made five spreads. I also cleaned out a bunch of magazines. I've posted most of the new spreads on my White Book blog. There are 51 spreads in the book now! It's really filling up nicely. There are three left to scan because my scanner is behaving badly. It will do one scan (maybe) and then crashes the program and sometimes the computer on the next one. Gotta love technology.


altjoujou said...

I LOVE your white book! And your altered dictionary, and your postcards, and your white book, and the pages on this blog, and did I mention your white book? hehe! I think it was your white book that's inspired me to redo my bedroom in whites. Yummy.
And your journal pages are so inspiring and imaginative.
How "cool" that you got snow. We don't get much here either, but we love it!
Looking forward to what you have next...

Dawn said...

Thanks. ;> I never really realized how much variety there was within whites until I started this book.