Friday, September 07, 2007

Collaborative Effort

Drat, I knew collaboration had two l's. I even tried to look it up in my art room dictionary, but that page had been torn out to use in a project. Oh well, I can't spell. It's really no secret to anyone who knows me.

I had a wonderful time with my grandgirls and son and daughter-in-law this weekend. Right before they went home I wanted to show them the photo I took a few weeks ago of the turkeys and deer together in our garden. I had one printed out in my journal. Madelyn, who is four now, wanted to draw on a page in my journal that I had prepped for a vacation page this spring and still haven't done yet. I suggested the next empty page and she was happy to draw there. It was a lot of fun working with her drawings on the page. I'm looking forward to doing this lots in the future.

The fruit stickers are from Umberto in Italy. I still have several more to put in my journal. I love getting these in the mail. When Maddie finished the drawing on the right of the page, I asked her if it was Larry the Cucumber. She is in a Veggie Tales phase right now. Her birthday party in August had that theme and she has an adorable green t-shirt with Larry's face on it, so it was a pretty safe guess. She told me, "Yes, he's jumping."


Linda said...

Dawn, I love the naturalness of your journal pages. The Dasani label is especially quirky. I am so itching to begin an art journal. And having your granddaughter's drawings is priceless! Mine isn't quite 2 yet and I'm kicking myself for throwing away the scribbles she made this summer.

I'm determined to collect "stuff" from my week and create my first page next weekend. What kind of a book do you use? I think a visit to Borders is in order! I just got a $30 gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket!

Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Dawn said...

Thanks Linda. I agree about having Madelyn's drawings. I have a journal page from 2004 that I didn't post because it has her photo on it. It is actually the first time she held a crayon in her hand and I included some of the marks she made. It's a treasure. I'm glad your comment made me think of it as I need to do the same thing with her sister. Maybe not the first, but really early. Right now Erin would try to eat the crayon I'm sure.

I use composition books, so if you go that route you won't use up much of your gift card!