Friday, July 04, 2008

June 24, 2008 - Madelyn's art

I love to include my granddaughters' artwork in my journal. Last week when I was at their house the oldest, Madelyn who is nearly five, added her doodles to a couple of dates I had written down and doodled around.

Journal June 24, 2008

Whatever Madelyn does, her little sister Erin wants to do too, so Erin was soon drawing too. She is twenty months old and is just starting to really like making marks. They looked so sweet as they sat side by side at the breakfast bar,heads down concentrating on their drawing.

I've been using my NeoColor II's a lot lately. My big box, of 15 I think, finally showed back up. I had even cleaned my atelier looking for them. They were in a different room where I had tucked them away when company came.

The bear is from a recent Free People catalog. I like the catalogs because they remind me of someone's journal pages.

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