Friday, October 09, 2009

Journal on Black

If there is anything that can make me post a blog entry, it's a GPP Street Team Crusade. The current crusade, No. 34 ~ Come over to the Dark Side, is right down my alley. I love journaling on a black background. I've tried it lots of times in the past. As soon as I read what the new crusade was about, I had to head up to my craft table and get busy.

I recently retired a pair of shoes, and as I was tossing them I happened to get a look at the sole. I'm always on the lookout for a good background stamp, and the price was right. I grabbed a knife and cut the sole off the shoe. It became the rectangles stamp I used on this spread in gesso on the left side of the black and in black ink on the other page. I won't be discarding any more shoes in the future without checking out the soles for possibilities.


Lindart said...

Love your page Dawn!! What a brilliant idea for a stamp - the rectangles will be seen often I'm thinking!

Laura Kay said...

What super pages!!! Thanks for sharing where you got the stamp!! I'll be checking everyones shoes now!! OOH I'll start with my little grandsons since they out grow their shoes so fast!!

Dawn said...

Hi, I'm also a Dawn :) What a gorgeous page, and I really LOVE the idea of using a shoe imprint for texture.

michelle ward said...

Dawn - LOVE these pages! And your sole stamp is genius! Thanks for sharing your work and your clever idea with the team!!

darlene said...

Love what you did with your sole stencil. So creative. Now, I have to check out my shoes.

Chris said...

Black and white? Curli-cues? Exes and Ohs? Love this!!

jgr said...

Hi Dawn,
WOW! Your pages are wonderful-so much yummy detail going on. And the shoe-stamp is excellent! I'm off to rummage through the closet now . . . . ha! Thank you for the inspiration.

Julie Prichard said...

Cool set of pages!

KathrynAntyr said...

What a fabulous idea to repurpose tired soles as stamps. I'll have to check out my shoe collection. Lovin' your pages. Great job!

Becky New said...

ahhh... way cool here! love this kind of business on a page. i can never pull it off... but you definitely have the talent! cool!

Anonymous said...

Great pages - so much detail to check out. And as for the shoes thing, talk about a bargain!

Kim Mailhot said...

Woe Dawn ! This page is awesome! Love how you went for it on the Dark Side. Your idea about the soles as stamps reminded me of a class I took with Judy Wise where she had us all pressing the soles of our shoes into that blue foam that makes reusable stamps. One girl had this gorgeous spiral on her sole that we were all coveting !;)
Awesome job, Crusader !

Melisa said...

Oh, you are so clever! I love your new stamp!

Anonymous said...
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オテモヤン said...


TJ said...

WOW brilliant -- a shoe sole as a stamp. That just too cool! Happy creations from germany, tj