Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I've been wanting to try ATC's, but somehow never seemed to get around to it. I think I was intimidated by them for some reason. Maybe because they are so much smaller than I have gotten used to working. There was so much talk on the gluebooks list about glue cards that I had to try them. These area actually my second set of three. The first ones are for a swap and I don't want to post until my swap partner sees them. They were lots of fun to do. I'm having a hard time sending them off. For some reason I really like the feel (touch kind of feel) of them. I guess I must be the tactile type. I made them on playing cards and used a glue stick. I tried my regular Mod Podge, but it didn't work nearly as well for these. It may be because the cards are non-porous. Posted by Hello


ecritures said...

wow I really like these! The brownish and blueish colours are reall lovely. You really should keep making atc's too!

Effie said...

Hey Dawn... keep doing these...they're LOVELY!

Misa said...

Those are beautiful!

Be forewarned: ATCs can be rather addicting.