Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm not too thrilled with the way my purse sketch for the Everydaymatters Yahoo group challenge turned out. I think I am doing better sketching more structured items. I find all the folds really hard and black watercolor is difficult too. I had some trouble with my pen running out of ink in the middle of the sketch and the one I switched to had too fine a line. I think I need a thicker line if I'm going to be doing dark watercolor on it. I had planned to sketch more of the things inside the purse, but wasn't very motivated after the lack of success with the purse itself. I do like way the page turned out. Have to love those metallic gel pens. I looked back just now on a sketch that I did on October 4th and this one isn't any better. I shouldn't complain I guess. I went nearly a whole week without sketching. Maybe I'm just out of practice. Posted by Hello


Linda said...

I don't know why you're not thrilled -- I think your sketch looks GREAT!

funkyartylady in the UK said...

I agree with Linda. I love your work.