Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Lutheran Church Little Rock

We were able to visit First Lutheran while we were in Little Rock visiting Mom. It is a beautiful old church and the service was good too. The drawing of the church is from their bulletin. The inside is even prettier with stained glass on both sides and in the front too. There is a carved alter piece and wonderful ceilings. I love old architecture.

The background on these pages was done with the water-soluable crayons with no paint behind them. It's not my favorite way to work, but will do in a pinch.


Lin said...

AH DAWN!!! Your journals are so delicious to see!! SO glad you're posting them and continuing your commitment to writing and illustrating them!!

Lindsay said...

DAwn your journal pages are sooo beautiful. I'm just getting into this and had a major break through today. I love pre painting pages with watercolor and drawing over them. I just got so inspired this morning looking at Roz's work and now yours too!!!!! cant wait to see more. I'll post my pages soon.

Dawn said...

Thanks so much. I can't seem to not do them. ;> It helps me want to share them to read that people are enjoying them, so thanks for the feedback.

I *love* seeing other people's pages so I'm looking forward to seeing yours Lindsay.