Saturday, January 28, 2006

Postcrossing again

I spent some time last weekend making three more postcards. This is sort of a larger version of one of them. I really liked the guy and was pleased to find another shot of him on the magazine's table of contents page. The words The View from Afar from the same magazine just seemed to go with the whole postcrossing idea.


Eliece said...

Dawn, this is a wonderful collage! I love how you used the printed text to create the background. Collage can be so difficult to pull off, but you really nailed it with this one. --Eliece

altjoujou said...

That is SUCH a neat page! The composition is just captivating!

Dawn said...

Thanks, I pretty much took a postcard collage that worked and redid it adding stuff to turn it into a bigger journal page.