Friday, June 23, 2006

June 8 entry

I carved a couple of eraser stamps after buying Gloria Page's Art Stamping Workshop. I'm enjoying using them. The flowers were stamped with a shaped eraser that I bought at Dollar General and carved the center out of it.


Elizabeth said...

Dawn, what materials do you prefer for stamp carving? I've just bought that book (in Scotland).

Dawn said...

Elizabeth, I normally use whatever erasers I can find. I did buy a block of carving material, but I haven't used it yet. These stamps were carved from some "giant" erasers that I bought. One of my students showed up at school with one and I quizzed her as to where she had bought it. It came from a close-out store. They are about 3" x 6" or 8 cm x 15 cm. At $1.29 they were a lot cheaper than the carving blocks. I use a lino cutter that the art teacher at school gave me. I really need to invest in a set of them.