Saturday, June 03, 2006

Recording with color

Journaling reads:
There is something about recording with color and design
that fills a need within me,
a need to create,
to make marks, something that will last
or at least reach out to a world that couldn't care less,
but occasionally my attempts touch someone near
or far across this world of ours.
And that is enough.

So I stay up way past the time that I should be

in bed and sound asleep,
stretching myself to do something more,
different than what I have accomplished before.

And once in a while I even succeed.

And then I can go to bed.


AnnieElf said...

Another colorful and so original page. I really enjoy following your journal Dawn. It inspires me to pull mine out and do another page.

jen said...

Me too. And I like how you are a lot more consistent with posting than a lot of other people. And I like how you really have your own unique style.

Anonymous said...

Your work is so beautiful. And it touches me. Thanks for making a difference in this world.


Kathleen Marie said...


This spread is great. I like the vibrant red and the cream together. Great words too! Enjoy your creative journey!