Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New eraser stamp

I'm back to doing a little at a time. I saw the idea for an erasor stamp online and sketched it here, thinking I might carve one later. Instead I went right uptairs and carved the stamp. I used it to decorate a couple of envelopes and of course the next page in my journal which isn't done yet.


regina said...

I know that you have answered before on the eraser stamps, but i must have chopped up about 20 by now and have nothing to show for it!? Could it be the type of rubber or something? I'm using a new xacto blades, needle point tweezers, etc...They always break or chunk apart.

Anonymous said...

I have carved a couple of hundred stamps from various rubber (polymer, Pink Pearl, plumber's gasket - ugh, carving block, pink carving block, Staedtler block, etc.) - and I have never had anything chip or chunk up on me. But I never use an exacto knife! I'm afraid of that little super-sharp nekkid blade. I use lino gouges - the kind made for making lino cuts. They come in a variety of shapes and widths (the #1 is a good all-purpose size) and you can even bake them into a polymer handle for custom-made comfort. Try it and see! They're made by Speedball and cost around $2 for 2 gouges.