Thursday, February 08, 2007

What if I wanted to paint the sky green?

I was so irritated with this page when I first finished it that I thought I wouldn't post it. The flowers/date especially drove me crazy. The more I did the muddier and uglier they got. I just do not like working with Sharpie markers. I like the idea and will try it again, but this time it sure didn't turn out. Maybe I was just too tired.

The next day it still did nothing for me. I got some great fruit stickers from Spain and added them in. Still not one of my best, but somehow the balance was corrected I guess and it's growing on me.


Gay said...

I thought it was great!!, I especially loved your rabbits body!

Dawn said...

Thanks Gay. I did like the rabbit's body. It was a label that I discovered in the bottom of the fridge when I cleaned it last week.

Anonymous said...

but it's cute, Dawn. I lol'd at the horseradish!!

I see what you mean about the "muddy" but I like how you put the date in the flowers.

I'm forever copying your spreads, Dawn & I am always tring to think of new ways to incorporate the date.


Anonymous said...

woops! I shouldn't say 'copying'. I should have said "inspired by" --

I tried copying something (I don't remember if it was yours or not) right into my journal -- right off the monitor. It turned out to be the ugliest page, for me.