Saturday, October 06, 2007

A few in between pages

Sometimes I just want to write in my journal. Pages like this one fill the bill. The pink in the speech bubble is paper that I took off our new windows.

My niece spent the weekend with us and was working on her scrapbook that she will leave here and work on when she comes over. I don't like to put the girls' faces up on the interenet, thus the leaf. She drew the fox and rainbow that I included on this page.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to put on these in between pages and I thought of these baby photos of my husband and myself. These are photocopies of the originals.

I did the pages in the last three photos in one setting. I have a tendency to treat spreads with the smaller pages in between as one spread.

Volume Seven of my journal is nearly filled. I'm contemplating what I want to use next. I had almost decided to just use a quad-rule composition book that a friend sent me, but I'm starting to think that I would miss the vintage pages if I do that. Maybe I will re-bind a new book using the quad pages, regular pages, and vintage pages with some brown paper feed sack pages thrown in. I'm hoping I can find one of those cool embossed looking black notebooks I've been seeing at school for the cover.


Linda said...

Yikes, I never thought about putting Kylie's picture on my blog. Duh! You just never know! (BTW, she'll be 2 on Dec. 16th. I answered your query on my blog but that is kind of useless. The answer should go to your blog! But nobody asked me! Maybe I should send an email to Blogger.)

Love looking at all your new pages! The colors and textures are so rich.

I also checked out the pictures of your kitchen window. Such a pretty spot and so cosy!

Lindart said...

Great pages Dawn! I always love looking at your journals! I do love the first one, the purple one with all the angst and the collection of pictures. Sometime we just need to say whay we need to say to bring us out of a blue (or purple!) funk!