Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Numbers...I have them tonight

I was thinking last night about Dawn Sokol's book, 1,000 Journal Pages, that she is working on, and it occurred to me that I might be reaching around that number of individual pages myself soon. I counted them tonight and I've passed it! 1,024 pages to be exact. I'm a bit impressed with myself. That is just pages since I started painting my compo book spreads. There are a lot more with just writing, and writing with some visual stuff glued in. Lots of memories stored in those books.

Just now when I went to log in here, I discovered that this is my 601st blog entry. Another big number. I guess if nothing else, the numbers prove that I'm persistant. Not very timely maybe. I'm playing catch-up again. But I do seem to be persistant.

You know you're a journaler when you find a dead frog in the washing machine and the first thing you do is put it on the scanner to include in your journal. After the scan was on the page, I realized that I had labeled the back and front incorrectly. Oh well, I'm not a scientist.

I found this mosaic that my son made in high school a couple of weeks ago. This is a scan. I'm wanting to frame the original. For now it's displayed on my bookshelf.

The flowers on this page are made from shaped erasers that I carved the center out of. The stem and leaves are more eraser stamps. I think they turned out pretty cute. Definately have potential to use somewhere else.

I added some to this page, but I'm too tired to take another photo. So far the curtains haven't gotten made. I hope it doesn't take me two years like it did from the time I bought fabric for my kitchen curtains and journaled about it. I still haven't made the chair slipcovers that I planned.

I have more pages to post, but I'll save them for another post. My dial-up is working even slower than normal tonight. On to my second thousand pages.

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regina said...

Congrats on the 600 plus blog posts! I was crushing last week as well, but it was not as retrospective. 1023 journal pages...I definately need to step my journaling up and complete at least one.