Friday, August 17, 2007

I've Been Contemplating

Do I need more storage, or less stuff?

Sometimes I think more storage would be great and other times that I just need to get rid of a bunch of stuff that I don't need. I did get rid of some this summer and I really haven't bought much.
I was sitting here earlier and suddenly felt the need to go upstairs and work in my journal. Didn't matter that the kitchen was a mess. I got to it after the page was done. The sketch I did a few days ago during an inservice. It was my granddaughter's fourth birthday, so I added the cake and phrase stamp that was sitting out because I had used it for her card. That's why lots of stuff makes it to my pages. It was sitting there with-in my reach as I did them. The strawberries and cherries above the drawing came from the tops of jelly jars. The jelly was great and I like the jars too. I'm starting to get a little collection of them. I've been wanting to add green tea tags all summer. Johnny has been drinking quite a bit of it iced while he works on the house. It takes eight bags for each gallon.
I carved the seven while working on this page. That makes one, two and seven. I also drew the nine/six on the eraser. I figured I'd carve it next since it was a twofer.


Jennifer said...

Oh, boy, I've been contemplating that for ages, it seems LOL! I've come to the conclusion that I need more storage for my stuff and that the rest of my family needs to reduce their clutter ... think they'll buy it?! Either way, you made a great page!

Dawn said...

Thanks. I think you found the perfect solution. Unfortunately, I'll bet the rest of your family won't see it that way.

maxine said...

What is your glue of choice?

Dawn said...

I mostly use permanent glue stick. I used to favor Mod Podge, but got tired of my fingers always being sticky because I didn't take the time to find something to spread it with.