Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Queen of Saturday

Once school starts, I become the Queen of Saturday. I don't want to do anything except enjoy myself and relax. The first week back is always hard and this was no exception. I'm always stressed about getting the classes off on the right foot and that keeps me from sleeping right which makes it hard to function the next day, and makes it even more difficult to get the classes off on the right foot. I feel pretty good about how the week went all-in-all.

I finally broke down and ordered the 1000 Journals book. It is my new bathroom reading. I'm enjoying it a lot. The book feels nice in your hand too. Lots of inspiration here.


Dawn said...

Hey! I know you're busy...just wondering if you got my e-mail regarding the Grant of Rights...please e-mail me...

maxine said...

what is your glue of choice for journaling?

Dawn said...

Maxine, I've been using permanent glue sticks.

MAHIMA said...

dawn, I love your journal pages!
They're always so unique and free.
I hope first days go well :)

molly jean said...

I understand being the Queen of Saturday... I sometimes waste the whole day trying to decide how best to use it.

I hope your year is going well!