Friday, December 28, 2007

A long dry spell

2007-12-26, originally uploaded by Crazyquilter.

Early December was really not very productive for me as far as creative endevors go. Between a rotten cold and the disk in my neck, I felt fortunate to do what I had to do. There was no energy left for anything else. I can go just so long though before I start feeling a need to do something creative. Fortunately journal pages fill the need. I still can't look down for the length of time I'd need to knit or sew something.

I did help my granddaughter make a felt jacket for her Sheep today. We both had fun. I placed the needle and held the felt and she pushed and pulled it through. At four she loves to paint, stamp and anything else creative.


Linda said...

Great to see you creating again! I love these new pages of yours. Just looking at your designs inspires me. I like how that little landscape is reflected in the page colors!

Dawn said...

Thanks Linda. I'm hoping I can keep it up. I've already missed two days now.