Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas ornaments, originally uploaded by Crazyquilter.

It's starting to look more like Christmas around here. We got the tree up last week, but it took that long to fully decorate it. I've been having problems with my neck. I have a new empathy for people with back and neck pain. I'm on vacation until January second, so hopefully the rest will help.

I've been a bad journaler and a worse blogger lately. Maybe discovering this nifty way to blog from Flickr will help with the blogging anyway. I find it easier to post pictures to flickr by far than to post to the blog. Doing both, with my ancient computer and dial-up internet is torture. I just put several close-ups of my ornaments up at flickr if anyone is interested in seeing them. Several are hand made and I included instructions for a few of them.

My mom made the egg in this picture by crocheting a cover for it. The eggs were blown and painted gold. I made the two embroidered ornaments several years ago. I suddenly got tired of my old seventies homespun tree and wanted a Victorian one.

The gold walnut I carefully cracked, glued a wire inside for a hanger, glued it back together and spray painted gold. I made a dozen of them, but I had to crack a lot of nuts to get that many without breaking them to bits.

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Linda said...

Love old-fashioned trees! Yours looks beautiful! My husband is a logger so he brought home a top and Itt's kind of a Charlie Brown tree but I love it because the ornaments hang so nicely. I used all my mom's that she's had for 60+ years.

Have a merry Christmas and an even better and restful vacation! Hope your aches melt away! ~Linda