Thursday, April 16, 2009

I like the idea of travel

This is the page I was talking about. It's made from a couple of photos from an Anthropologie catalog. The spread is from 2005. Text on the left reads: 

I like the idea of travel.

Road Trip

No particular destination in mind.
Finding out what makes
this place
Different from all others.
Unique, worthy of the time.
Scenic wonders,
Yes - written large on the land,
But also the marks made by man,
Quirky, individual from place to place,
From ridiculous to sublime.
I want to see.

We actually got to take a road trip across Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee a couple of months later. I'm ready for another road trip, maybe this summer.

In the center top the text reads:

I prefer two-lane roads. Away from the interstate, slower, calmer - more to experience along the way.

On our trip we mostly took the two lane roads. They are lined with homes and farms. I love traveling this way when you don't really have anywhere you need to be.

Text where the model was cut out from the door reads:

Open your eyes to new sights,
 and your ears to new sounds, 
and your mind to new thoughts, 
and your heart to new people, 
and your wallet to new needs. 

There is enough of you to spread around, 
some to each sight, sound, thought, person and need.

The text is written really small in silver metalic gel pen and you can't read it until you hold it just right in the light. Then it's perfectly legible. 

I thought of this spread for the current Street Team Crusade, but it's also perfect, I think, for #28 Portion Control.


michelle ward said...

ooh, the anthropologie catalogs! i miss brocade home, that was another good one to clip up. have you seen the "walls notebook" that i'm so excited about on my other blog? these pages remind me of it. thanks for sharing dawn.

Dawn said...

I never saw the brocade home catalog. Too bad.

I did see your walls notebook. When I looked back on this spread of mine, it reminded me of your walls book too.

cathsheard said...

Your page makes me want to say one thing - why can't we have those catalogs here in New Zealand? Sulk LOL

Rosie said...

Dawn - I found the whole Model-in-the-doorway so intriguing! Brilliant!! I share your liking for routes off the main highways (that's most of the UK really! lol!) =)

jgr said...

Very nice piece. I agree the model in the doorway is super-cool.


runningonink said...

WOW what a cool page! I love all the elements together with the writing so RAD!

iHanna said...

Dawn, what a great page and great theme too, road trips are great for journaling... :-)

Fine Little Day said...

I like what I see here.

Janet said...

I love this entry. You are soooo talented. And that makes you inspirational too.