Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Red shoes in my dreams

Michelle asked if the red shoes on my journal page were my shoes. They aren't. It's a great photo I cut out from a magazine.

In fact, I can only remember owning one pair of red shoes in my entire life. They were a damaged pair of Soft Spots that I got at a salvage store for a dollar. I wore them in the garden and loved them, both for their comfort and their color. I never had red shoes as a kid either. In the fifties and sixties redheads didn't wear red... at least not in my family. I wear lots of tomato red now and love it.

I used the other half of the magazine photo in this spread. I really need to be on the look out for another pair of red shoes.


Stephanie said...

oh yes! I've always wanted a pair of red boots...

iHanna said...

Red shoes are my favorite!

When I was a girl mom told me red and orange and pink doesn't match... now it's my favorite color combo! And the fun is that they match, I mean.. they are in the same spot on the color wheel, why shouldn't theY? :-)