Thursday, March 10, 2005

A couple of weeks ago I read a journaling hint to collect something random for a week like price stickers, tpe samples from magazines, the letter A, etc... I choose tea tags. I didn't much like the stark white, so I laid a wet tea bag in the saucer with them every time I thought about it. I thought it was kind of neat when the tags in the new box turned out to be different. Kind of like I was recording a change. These tags are all from J's tea. I only drink herb tea for the most part. I bought some Celestial Seasonings tea thinking I would get neat tags and packages. Pooh! There weren't any. What brand of herbal teas have the neat packaging? Posted by Hello

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Sharon said...

The celestial seasoning web site includes information about the art and artists who design their packages. I just checked my cubbard and I stock "Yogi Tea" (Green Tea) and "Traditional Medicinals" (Women's Liberty). I tend to keep those little packets so I can glue them in my journal and insert notes or pictures inside.