Tuesday, March 15, 2005

An experiment with oil pastels. I scribbled them on and wiped them off with a dry wet wipe. The pens came from a package that I had bought and forgot. It was a nice discovery finding them. They are called Starlightz Glitter Gel pens and not at all what I would have expected, more a metallic look than glitter. They wrote just fine over the pastels, tended to smear when wet and took a while to dry, but seem fine now. They were $3 for a package of 6 or so at Dollar General. I really like the paragraph from the Sappi brochure.  Posted by Hello


LaureAnne said...

I love the way you include information about your technique and materials in your blog entries. I'm going to try some of these, so thank you for telling about them! Very nice blog1

Maggie said...

Really enjoying your journal and how you illustrate it. I wish I had sufficient energy to try some of this stuff, but as you can prob tell from my Everyday Matters drawing posts I'm very slow to finish anything (still not finished my Bed challenge yet!).

Maybe when life is a bit less complicated I'll have a bit more creative energy to play with. At the moment I am so exhausted I didn't manage to visit daughter and partner to see their garden today. But they are coming here for a meal instead. So not all is lost! ;-)