Saturday, March 12, 2005

Green Gluecards for the Gluebook list swap. We're studying Latin America in my geography classes. When I saw the painting of the Mayan girl with the tree it reached out and grabbed me. The background that peeks through all three cards is some sort of undersea plant. It was in the same issue of National Geographic. I hope my swap recipient likes them. They are quite a bit different from what I normally come up with although looking back through my pages in my journal, I think I can say the same thing about lots of the pages. Hmm... I wonder what that says about me? Posted by Hello

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Terri said...

It says that you are still discovering who you are and that there is a lot more to you beneath the surface, than even you are aware of. Don't you just love these journeys of self-discovery?! Oh, I love the cards, but I'm a 'green' kinda gal. :o)