Friday, March 04, 2005

How long ago was a new refrigerator $148.88? I went up to journal tonight not having the slightest idea what I was going to do. I put the colors down on the page and picked up a 1958 dictionary that I have looking for inspiration. I found a piece torn from a newspaper with a worked crossword puzzle on one side and a refrigerator ad on the other. The first thing to catch my attention was the $5 down. "Hey," I thought, "This must be old." I wanted to add something from the dictionary too, so I looked for the definition. It reads: A box, room, etc., for keeping foods, etc., cool as by means of ice or some other cooling agent. The new definitions, of course, don't mention ice. The rook jumped out at me and wound up on the page too. I love the serendipity of journaling! Posted by Hello


duckee484 said...

i really like this page!! the randomness of the topic is really cool and i like the setup of the page too!i'm in caj too but haven't done much yet. keep up the good work!!

Julie said...

This page turned out so cool, Dawn...I love when things come together like that.