Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I picked the first lettuce and radishes from the garden yesterday. I've been wanting to catch up on the Everyday Matters group and I wasn't terribly hungry, so I thought I'd sketch my salad makings. The reds of the radishes and the light green lettuce looked so pretty. The collander is my favorite one. I bought it at a thrift store because it looks just like the one my mom has. No telling how much pasta hers has drained.  Posted by Hello


Karen Winters said...

You are making me hungry - that salad looks wonderfully fresh! (And it reminds me to get planting in the garden.)

Laura said...

Dawn, I love your drawing of radishes and lettuce and colander. It has a very contented look about it, if you know what I mean.
(I have a colander like the one you drew, but it is missing one leg, so it is wobbly and not nearly as satisfactory as yours ;D.)

Anonymous said...

Your journal entries are great. The creativity is inspiring.