Monday, May 09, 2005

This is my first altered dictionary page in ages. I stayed up late Friday night finishing it. The lobster photo just seemed to demand to be a dictionary page. Altering this dictionary was what pulled me into paper arts two years ago. I really need to post more of the pages in it some time. I have a few of my first ones posted at my old geocities site. My favorite altered dictionary page, I think, is my George page which is all about my grandpa. I made it in a round robin dictionary and then recreated it in my book. Posted by Hello

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Carol Bonomo said...

This is SLICK. I am jealous of things like how well you cut out that damned lobster. I am curious as to the definition highlighted. I am really impressed with the stamping work. Of course working in a dictionary appeals to me in every arty way. Please post more.