Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Of course I couldn't leave the back of the card plain. I'll be adding more to the right side of this spread, but I wanted to show the part with my great-grandma now. I just love this photo of her. Posted by Hello


Big Harry H said...

Hi Dawn,

I couldn't help but wonder, are you from Bay Creek, Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia?

Just wondered. I've been lurking around you site for sometime marveling at your work.

I'm from Virginia Beach and thought how nice it would be if we where neighbors!!!

Great site and fantastic work.

Big Harry H

Dusty said...

Hi, Dawn.
I love your journals and hope you have time for a few questions about preparing your pages for journaling. Are you using Mead composition books? or? and how do you prepare the pages for journaling? do you just add color (watercolor? acrylic?) to the page or do you put some sort of binder down first (like gesso)? and what brand of pen do you use (I have experienced terrible bleed-through problems which is frustrating me to no end. (That's why the questions about preping the page.)

Thanks for the information!

And thanks for posting your other books, like the White Book. I am thoroughly enjoying looking at your work!

Dawn said...

Thanks Harry, I'm not from Virginia. We live in the Ozarks.

Dusty,sure I love to answer questions, and ask them too. I'll just put the answer the main part of my blog in case anyone else wants to read it.