Thursday, May 12, 2005

Journaling Hints

I just found this article on journaling hints by Teesha Moore. I like her style. I really need to try out the water soluable crayons she mentions. I guess I'll have to break down and order them online. I did buy some new permanent pens. I got both Bic Mark-it and some of the new colors of Sharpie. I like the Bic ones a lot better. The colors aren't as appealing to me as the Sharpies, but the smell isn't nearly as bad. I used the Bics on my garden plan page. They write great over the acrylic paint. I promised a while back to look and see what brand my wide white marker is. It's a Galaxy Marker, broad point, milky way white. It writes great on dark paint and magazine photos. I also love my Uni-ball signo white gel pen. It has a much finer line than the marker.


Carol Bonomo said...

Thanks for sharing the article. I chewed on it all weekend, and began to get clear with the process *I* want for my journals from reading it.

I guess they won't be real "artsy", but really mine, which is okay.

Anonymous said...