Sunday, June 12, 2005

I had prepped this page ahead of time. When we got to our granddaughters house she was wearing blue and yellow. Perfect.This page turned out to be kind of scrapbook style. Madelyn loved it and once I told her the drawing was bubbles, every time she saw it she wanted to go out and blow bubbles. It's funny, I even had the dots on the squares before we went to visit her. they go so well with the bubbles. Sorry about the face blurs. I'm feeling a bit funny about privacy issues. The stamping around the edge is done with a cork and a piece of eraser cut off with a serated knife. The small dots are a pencil eraser. I used my new torquoise stamp pad. Posted by Hello


Dusty said...

Cool...I love your girds! I keep thinking "oh, yes, gotta try this, too..." And I certainly understand blurring the faces and the privacy stuff. Thanks again for sharing.

u l a n said...

i really love your grids! and think the cut-out photographs (cut to shape) look really nice sticking out of the boxes like that. =)

thanks for posting a comment on my site, btw! i used colored pencils to color the ATC cards with portraits of my friends.

-- ian [everydaymatters yahoogroup]