Sunday, June 05, 2005

We took a day-trip. I didn't like the color of the maps for this page, so I changed them. I painted the edges and put a bit on the big map. The little ones got a dose of orange ink from an inkpad. I also painted the town name which was cut from the big map with acrylics. It's a good idea to check out your paint before you put it over something with print as some of them are a lot more opaque than others. Reds and yellows seem to be the most transparent. I got the brown at the edges by mixing purple with my gold. Posted by Hello


Lindsay said...

Love the map! What a great way to remember the trip.
I just finished making my first book and am knee deep in making the second one! Great stuff.
Hope to see more of your stuff

Kathleen Marie said...

I recently used a map page to prep a background, and they really add some fun to a spread. I like the golden color theme you selected for this layout. :)