Friday, June 17, 2005

This one looks similar to the gouache heart because I used the one I tore for that as a template, but this one was stamped with eraser stamps. I used strips of paper to block off the individual patches. A couple of the patches were sponged first in one color and then over-stamped with another color. I also carved a new eraser stamp for the royal blue square. It was really easy and looks great in my journal too.
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Anonymous said...

i like all of your heart work here, came visiting from julie's journal... isn't her journal with the letter/adventure neat?

well done! -patty

Dawn said...

Thanks Patty. I really enjoyed Julie's letterboxing post. I'd love to try letterboxing.

Anonymous said...

Omg! I'm just getting back here and I read your nice reply to me on a previous comment. Dawn, you are the Dawn of Crazy Quilt Central! I didn't realize that on my first visit. Like 2-3 years ago, I was more involved with crazy quilting than I have been lately. I used to go to your Crazy Quilt Central helped me find so many great sites. Wow, you are that Dawn:-) Your crazy quilt site is the best.

I love all these hearts you are doing. Each one is so unique and varied. They're beautiful. Was wondering what size the finished hearts are? Are they for an ATC swap?

Keep on creating!

just pat

Dawn said...

Yes, that's me. :> I'm glad the Crazy Quilt Central site was useful to you. I'm embarassed to say how long it's been since I've done any work on it including cleaning up bad links.

These hearts are on 5" x 5" cardstock. They are for an exchange by the RawArt yahoo group everyday swap.

Dawn said...

Patty, I meant to thank you for your nice compliment. I hit send to quick.

Carolyn said...

Your art journals are amazing. I have been in an art slump for awhile and detoured to yarn related stuff. I read your site for art inspiration.