Saturday, August 06, 2005

Homemade journal(s) here I come

Ever since I first came across WireWoman's wonderful hedgehog instructions I've wanted to try making a journal. I mean, she sells you on the idea! I'm getting ready for a collaborative project and I decided that this is the perfect time. I think I'm going a little bigger than the 3 ½ by 5 ½ Moleskine size just because that seems pretty small to me. I tend to work bigger. I also want to add some found papers to the thingand combine an altered book/journal in one. I haven't decided on a cover yet, but the display of colored duct tape at Wal-mart yesterday is calling to me. Why didn't I buy at least a roll of black?

After hunting around for papers to make my collaborative journal out of, my everyday composition book journal started to look a little bland. I got the notion to spark one of them up a bit too and immediately started to deconstruct a new one. I unstitched it and now I have all these sheets of long paper (some of which will go into the collaborative book) and a cover. I'm going to take my time and find lots of cool papers to include and then sew it back together. I'm betting the idea of this fabulous compo journal will motivate me to finish the one I'm working on now. It's close to half done. Of course the idea of tearing out more pages than I usually do has occurred to me too.

I'll still be working with my beloved compo books. They will still line up prettily on the shelf, a bit of a fixation for me. And, I'll have interesting papers to work with. How cool is that?

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Kathleen Marie said...

Dear me, you sound so much more industrious than I feel at the moment. I can't wait to see your finished journal project. I think I'm too lazy to try it. ha ha