Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I sketched the Matisse the other day. Didn't turn out as bad as I expected it to since I've been really lax about practicing. The two pieces of ephemera at the top left are color copies of a piece from a styrofoam egg carton. Sometimes if I can't use the actual item because it's too bulky, I'll scan it. Posted by Picasa


Lara said...

Great colors in that page=> and the sketch is great! Thanks for the tip about scanning things that are too bulky :D

clare said...

Oh so vibrant spread, I love it.

Leslie said...

I love this spread, Dawn! The colors are so bold and there is just so much to look at. I love the little vegetable tags on the right side. You have a great eye for composition and balance. this si one I'll be coming back to often!