Monday, August 01, 2005

I started this spread two weeks before I finished it.  Posted by Picasa


emma jane said...

I've been looking for a decent white pen for black pages. Do you like yours? What kind is it?

I wandered through all your recent journal pages. The 25 reasons not to journal cracked me up. I'm a compulsive journal *starter*, but I rarely keep on top of things. I think I've got about a billion books started none of which seem to have the staying power for me to make it through to the last page. I loved the sideways page from July 29 as well. My favorite pages are all in little boxes going different directions. :)

Dawn said...

The pen is an Uni-Ball Signo. They were recommended by Kelly Kilmer, and I love them. I also sometimes write over it with other colors when I want pink, say or yellow on black. Turns out pretty good too.

emma jane said...

Excellent, thanks! :)