Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bay Creek in Bloom

Redbud season is one of my favorite times of year on our farm. We have so many trees behind our house that the whole creek bank glows with the fuscia colored blooms. When I spotted the cows coming to drink a few minutes ago, I had to run out and snap a couple of photos. It was beginning to sprinkle, so I didn't stay long.


Lin said...

OH I AGREE!! I LOVE REDBUDS -- and been sketching those gorgeous graceful trees for weeks!

DAWN said...

Very "fairy-tale" like. I love red buds too, only I don't get the name...they are obviously purple.

Anonymous said...

Well, the buds are red, aren't they, before they flower?

There is a redbud tree right behind me where I sit, but in April in Toronto Canada, its still bare!