Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fruit Stickers

I love having this area to look at while I wash dishes, so I thought I'd share it. Yes, I'm one of those people who don't have a dishwasher. I do use paper plates ~ I know shame on me cluttering up the environment.

I've used this spot for ages to stash the stickers I take off my fruit until I do something else with them. Usually they wind up in my journal, but lately quite a few of them have turned up on postcards. I put on my postcrossing profile that I like fruit stickers and I've received them from Finland, France, Germany, Canada, Estonia and Israel. How cool is that? Maybe I'm just easily pleased, but I think it's so cool to see that oranges eaten in Finland come from Israel or kiwis eaten in Canada were grown in Italy. I never even knew that kiwis came from anywhere other than New Zealand. I really like the graphic little stickers just to look at them too. I googled and found this site, Fruit Labels - the web's first fruit label site, that prooves I'm not the only one who likes them. There is also the Flickr: orangepaper and fruit sticker group that made me aware that there were stickers on fruit in other countries.


AnnieElf said...

Hi Dawn. What a sweet picture of so many fun artifacts. I especially like the cork necklace around the pot. Quickie question: I am trying to enhance the background on my home page and I noticed that you have done so. Can you advise me on where to look on the template and how to proceed?

kymmie said...

My family used to adhere our fruit stickers on the side of my mother's refridgerator. We delighted in getting a sticker we did not already have on the fridge! Funny thing is, we were ALL adults at the time we began doing this... now Mom has a fancy schmancy stainless steel kitchen and stickers are O-U-T! Thanks for igniting that memory!