Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wednesday with Madelyn

We had fun watching our sweet granddaughter even though she was recovering from a bad cold. I had the chance to sketch her while she was staying fairly still, well still for a two-year-old anyway. I'm not particularly happy with any of the three sketches, but they each have parts I like. It's pretty obvious that I haven't had much practice sketching people.

I mention in the journaling that when I came out with the pen and paper, Madelyn looked at me sorrowfully and said, "I don't have a pencil." Her grandpa got her a pen and she shared my paper. I put a bit of her drawing in my journal as well.


DAWN said...

That is very sweet.

Melisa said...

Good for you! I am always too afraid to even attempt sketching people from life. I like the top left one a lot. What did your little model think of them?