Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sometimes I go for a cup of herb tea when I'm in one of these moods. Last night I attempted to journal it away. I was somewhat successful. At least I was able to sleep well when I was finished. I really need to get around to getting another camera or figure out how to get better quality inside photos out of this one. There is a lot more detail on this page then is showing in this photo. Maybe I'll try again when it gets warm and sunny out. Probably not.


Judy Wise said...

Dawn, I love to come here so much. So in the interest of me getting to see better photos I will say that perhaps your photo program that came with your camera has a drop down that allows you to "auto correct". When I opened the big file of this image in my photo program and did that I could see every little, exquisite detail.:-)

And I hope you did "art" your way into a better mood. I love your journal pages.

mrana said...

what wonderful journal pages, they are so full of colour and energy!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the nice comments.

And Judy, thanks so much for the advice. I don't know why I haven't thought of trying to brighten the photos up a bit. I didn't get a photo program with the camera, but I do have Microsoft Picture It that came with the computer. I tried and auto correct was a bit too bright, but I could scale back some and got a better photo. I'll be using that a lot until I get a better camera I'm sure. I have PhotoShop on another computer. I'll bet that will work even better.

I did feel better after working on the page. I think concentrating on something other than myself really helps. I love getting into the flow of the journal pages.