Friday, January 12, 2007

A little restraint

The next morning after sewing in the velvet, I was pondering what to do to cover up the stitches on the reverse side of the page. I decided they look like chicken tracks or grain and quickly sketched in a scrawny hen and grabbed the flap off a cracker box that was sitting on the wood cookstove that we have in our kitchen. I peeled it down to make it thinner, wrote my journaling and glued it in.

The journaling says, "Occasionally one needs to show a little restraint. A minimalist approach if you will."

I think the fact that I had been reading Dwell, a modern interiors magazine, had something to do with my sudden desire to make an uncluttered page. I got a little carried away stamping the date. Later that evening, I added the sun.


Hanna said...

seeing that you have time to journal each day really inspires me, number 7 is great!

Have a great new year with this journal! :-)

gina said...

I come here when I am not feeling any inspiration and need a boost! Thanks for sharing your work with us! I see you have had another Swedish visitor!

Dawn said...

Thanks for your nice comments. It really makes me want to keep sharing when people let me know they are enjoying it.