Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fighting with the computer

I just spent an hour messing with my computer. First when I put floppy disk in to take this photo off, it wouldn't read the disk. I peeked in and decided that maybe all the dust bunnies in the drive had something to do with it. So, I vacuumed through the little door which I held open and broke. By the time I figured out how to get the case off so I could figure out what to do with the broken drive door, I was pretty frustrated. More dust bunnies inside the case, so I vacuumed there too. May not have been a good idea. I finally decided I couldn't get the little door to work and just took it off. When I got all the cords plugged back in and started it up all it would do is beep. I took it apart again and managed to get it to start and read the drive for one photo. I suspect the drive is about shot. Speaking of shot, it now shoots the disks out like a gun. I may need a new computer in addition to a camera.

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Swan said...

Yeah, floppies are so ancient these days. I haven't had a computer with a floppy drive for a while...
I hope you'll be able to afford something decent.