Monday, January 08, 2007

New journal - volume seven

I think it's pretty cool that I'm starting 2007 with volume seven, and even cooler that I've filled six compo books since I started painting the pages.

I finally decided to take apart a compo book and put it back together with pages from old books interspersed with the regular pages. What I really wanted to use was a graph paper compo book, but I haven't been able to find one. I hate the thought of paying $5 shipping and handling for a three dollar item or I'd order online.

This one will be fine and maybe one with the squares will appear for the volume eight. I used a variety of papers which will be showing up in my journal pages in the days to come. Volume five also was done like this. It's a challenge to use the papers.

I'm also planning a different cover for this one. We'll see. I want to participate in the Take a stitch Tuesday Challenge, so I'm hoping to work on a crazy quilt cover for this journal. I haven't done a fabric cover because I always journal on the front inside cover. I'm leaving this one blank on purpose.

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Jenesis said...

Sometimes it`s a struggle to find the perfect journal, isn`t it? I`ve been journalling in composition books like you for a long time (Volume 11, although I don`t have them online).... What I`ve been doing lately is buying those coil sketchbooks, and taking them apart. I can paint and play and make my own pages from printed stuff, or found papers, or whatever. I can paint ahead of time, and don`t feel compelled to use the pages in the order they are in in my book; when I decide it`s done, I can rearrange the pages! And I can control how thick it gets! So nice!

Your work is such an inspiration! Keep journaling! (and posting!)