Saturday, July 07, 2007

I got up today looking forward to taking photos for the 07_07_07 Flickr group. 7,777 people from all over the world are supposed to take and post seven photos each. Being the over-achiever that I am, I wound up taking 148 photos. I narrowed it down to 28 photos to actually upload to a Flickr set. I still haven't picked which seven will get posted to the group. I took photos of our house, Bay Creek, our cows, our yard, etc... I didn't leave home so they were all taken close to home.

One of the photos I post will definately be this journal entry. I like the idea of promoting journaling to people who maybe haven't seen visual journaling yet.

I've been wanting to try a self-portrait stencil since I read a post from Mary Ann a couple of days ago. She's been doing portrait stencils and they look great. For a first stencil, I think it turned out pretty good. Unfortunately, it slipped when I was putting it on the journal page. The practice tries look a lot better. I'll be trying it in the journal again. I want to make one of a photo I have of my grandma with marcelle waves. I'll be making more I'm sure. I hope I learn to keep them still while I'm spraying the paint.

The self-portrait at the top-left of the journal page is one that I made online quite some time ago. You uploaded a photo and the web site gave you portraits as if they were painted by different artists. The only one I liked well enough to save was this one in the style of Modigliani. I'd like to try again with a different photo if I can find the site again.


debra said...

Your stencil is fabulous! And quite glamorous, too ;-) Thanks so much for sharing your results with me! Your journal pages are wonderful! xo, Debra

plumbum said...

is the link that you need?

I'm sorry I missed seeing that 7/7/7 project. Then again, it tipped down all day here (at long last) and was blowing a near gale, so I probably would have struggled for 7 shots.

Dawn said...

Thanks Debra, and glamorous! I like that notion. Now if I could just apply it somehow to the real me.

Yeah, plumbum, you found it for me. I *need* to go try some other pictures.