Wednesday, July 18, 2007

VBS Week

My mornings this week have been spent at Vacation Bible School. My niece is going with me and we are having a good time together. It doesn't leave a lot of time or energy for much else though. I'm used to older kids. The little ones require so much energy! That's me on the journal page back when I had lots of energy.

I did manage to finish up one journal page yesterday and then went on to do another simple one. On Monday we went to McDonald's after VBS. On the counter was this huge fake $100 bill with the president's portrait cut out. My niece told me that I needed it for my book. The girl behind the counter told me I could have it, so here it is.

Most of my journal pages get photographed here on the back deck. Our cat Harry is usually tons of help.


Jennifer said...

Love the $ bill! My girls are always giving me things to put in my journal ... usually candy wrappers LOL! I keep telling them they could put them in their own journal, but they don't seem to be interested yet ... but I'll keep trying. In the meantime, I'll just have an extra-yummy journal.

DAWN said...

So, Micky D's is not just for food, who knew? I love the shot of your photo table. Very cool.

bodywisdom said...

VBS was always my favorite week of summer when my sons were small.
You look like a delicate flower in your photo. I always looked like I was about to jump from the stool in my school photos. I believe we're the same age, so I'm going to guess that that pic was taken around...hmmm...1962, maybe '63?