Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ancestor Shadow Box

My computer is finally back from a complete meltdown. I had to have the hard drive reformatted and have spent the evening reinstalling programs. Fortunately I was able to back-up most of my most valuable files by burning CDs before I took it to the shop. I want to advise everyone to back-up now and back-up often. I can't find the CD where I thought I had saved my clip art. It may be lost.

I am working on putting together some shadow boxes and frames to fill the space above my computer desk. This is the first one I finished. It contains a photo of my paternal great-grandmother Clotilde Buisine Huybrecht and her watch. The box also contains her daughter, my grandmother, Jeanne Huybrecht Stemen's rosary and the back ground is a color-copy of the endsheets from grandma's Ave Maria. Posted by Hello

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Kathleen Marie said...

I've been meaning to do these shadow box projects with my grandmother's jewelry. I don't like them sitting in dusty boxes in my trunk, and most of the pieces I really wouldn't wear on a daily basis. These came out really nice Dawn.